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Mar 06,  · If some people want to see a EA forex robot that works in a real account since 8 months, I published the results on my web page and twitter channel. The robot is not for sale now but you can take a look. It is not a martingale / grid system and no curve fitting. Jan 01,  · The EA must then manage the open order as per the strategy in attached. 3. If the EA is dragged onto a chart and it finds a open order, it must take over the order, adjust all TP, SL and other . Feb 13,  · However, manual trading is better (than the profitable EA which I created). If an EA requires too many optimisation, then it probably will not work. If it only works for a certain period of time, let's say one year (from 10 years of data), then it probably won't work the year after.

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Can someone code this profitable system into an EA? Code for profitable EA and further development 5 replies. Can anyone code an alert for a profitable, simple BB System?

Options Search. Similar Threads Can someone code this profitable system into an EA? Attachments: Will code profitable EA's for free. Exit Attachments. Will code profitable EA's for free. First Post : Jul 30, Profitable ea forex factory, pm Jul 30, pm.

Profitable ea forex factory Jul Status: Member 34 Posts. Hi Profitable ea forex factory, First, some info about myself: I'm a recently graduated computer engineer and I started taking an interest in forex just a few weeks ago, Profitable ea forex factory.

I'm currently learning and reading about forex in order to eventually build my own profitable system. In the meantime I'm willing to code other peoples profitable strategy's for free. However, the reason that I want to code for free is because I want to be able to also use the system. This means that I require some proof that your system is actually profitable. People who want their strategy coded can send me a request with their systems' stats How long did you trade your system live? What's the current profit factor?

I would like to hear the total number of trades you performed, number of losses, number of consecutive losses and max drawdawn experienced, risk reward ratio, manual backtest results etc, Profitable ea forex factory.

If it's possible I would also prefer some real proof about those facts, like some kind of financial statement or broker stats. Please do not send me a request if your strategy has not yet proven to be succesful in the long run. I have enough crappy idea's of my own Hope to hear you soon! Aug 1, pm Aug 1, pm. Send me some stats first and I'll let you know if I will code the EA. Aug 4, am Aug 4, am.

Hi, I'm available to code some more work. Aug 4, pm Aug 4, pm. Commercial Member Joined Jan Posts. Send me a PM or email if you need work. I have some projects that I can discuss with you. Edited at am Oct 20, am Edited at am. The EA is using mantigale system but I want to filter some stupid trades Here is how I think it will work better it will only follow the Surfarifx trend profile settings 3,6,3,2 Colour change has to be the first bar close exit the previous trade,basically am filtering the false trades and minimizing the loss Also enable a stop loss of 30 pips.

Attached Files. Surfarifx mq4 Trend profile. Oct 21, am Oct 21, am. Joined Feb Status: Member Posts. Well From time to time, traders or individual ask me to improve, update or modify Profitable ea forex factory or experts advisors. If you are in this case, I am reachable at my personal email address "jaguar at yahoo dot com" If the project does not require a toons of work and headaches, I could help you to set up your strategies All the best jaguar Oct 21, pm Oct 21, Profitable ea forex factory, pm.

Joined Apr Status: Member 34 Posts. Quoting StrategyCode, Profitable ea forex factory. I have a heavy programming background and can build you a fully functioning modular EA, including error handling, order accounting, volume control risk-based, margin based and fixed lotsize possibilitiesTiming Oct 24, pm Oct 24, pm.

We all have so Profitable ea forex factory crappy ideas but my problem as a newbie is trying to understand why the file extensions to these indictors are the same, like is it a script or indicator or ea?

Would you be willing to fix or make or revise an indcator for me. Hedayat SM. Joined Jun Status: Chartist Posts. Hi there. Saw this advert for coding EAs. Just what I needed. I have "developed" a system through alot of experimenting and finally came down to a simple system and although it hasn't been proven on statement yet, visual backtests are promising.

Could you take a look and see if it's of interest to you? Thank you very much. A trader must be humble - else the market would humble him. May 3, Profitable ea forex factory, am May 3, am. Joined May Status: Member 19 Posts. Are you able to code now? Jun 6, am Jun 6, am. Joined May Status: Member 34 Posts. Hi Are you still prepared to build EA's for free? I would like a EA for this strategy. The strategy is to Identify Consolidation Zones CZ throughout the week where price will move within a narrow range of say 30 pips adjustable for say 20 x 15m bars adjustable.

Then trade the breakout. I attach a indicator that does it - sqDynamicBreakoutBox 9. See this one in next post I also attach the basic strategy in a jpg file. It can be the 3rd, 4th or A new CZ resets the process but does not close open trades. The number of BO you are willing to trade must be variable.

Sorry this one is the wrong jpg. Attached Images click to enlarge. The 2 attachments. Attached Image click to enlarge. Attached File. Jun 10, am Jun 10, am. Hi I just got your post regarding this proposal of building an EA for free or some penny sent by Paypal on my account Well, I never heard about this system before you put a post about it. Now, as for exit signals, I am wondering which is the best approach.

You put a curious indicator sqDynamicBreakoutBox 9. This indicator is very well coded. As far as I can understand, the PA break out is very difficult to predict, and I do not know how you could detect it with such easyness. Well, I am going to get a deeper look on this system. Of course, I will discuss about this system on the beathespread.

So, I will post something on the discussion on ForexFactory As you should know, there are today huge fractal robots, built to destroy all these kind of strategies based on break out, pivots, Profitable ea forex factory, resistance Do you agree zack?

Edited Jun 20, am Jun 19, pm Edited Jun 20, am. Joined Oct Status: Member 53 Posts. Hi, I was referred by a friend in another thread. Thanks a lot for your effort Can you code this simple EA for me? You are welcome to freely use it too hehe. Thanks a million! Jun 20, am Jun 20, am. Jun 20, Profitable ea forex factory, pm Jun 20, pm.

Quoting jaguar Oct 12, am Oct 12, am. Hi Can anyone kindly help me change this EA. The Changes: 1. This sabotages the strategy Profitable ea forex factory made me loose a lot of money. It can be the broker problem, because a few orders have to be closed at the Profitable ea forex factory time. The EA must make sure all is closed.

If the EA can handle multiple orders on one currency, by utilizing magic numbers or by what other means, would be super. Then only the orders associated to one another will close when SL or TP is hit, Profitable ea forex factory.


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Mar 14,  · HIGH PROFITABLE EA – Knowledgeable advisor which is constructed to commerce on the M30 timeframe. The product was launched in early after vital testing. It’s automated trading software program (Foreign exchange robotic). Works on 20 forex pairs. Create Profitable Forex Robots in Minutes Without Coding or Tedious Backtesting The  Generator  provides you an unlimited number of strategies. It can backtest up to , strategies per hour. It will find trading strategies that have performed well on a historical market price . Jan 01,  · The EA must then manage the open order as per the strategy in attached. 3. If the EA is dragged onto a chart and it finds a open order, it must take over the order, adjust all TP, SL and other .